Get more results from your results

There's more to a test failure than just "test failed." Has it failed before? In which environments did it fail?

Test Noir helps you answer these questions.

Save time, focus on what's important

Are your test failures lost in hundreds of lines of "test passed"? Only failures are important; the rest is noise.

Test Noir saves you time by highliting what's important: failures.

Manage multiple environments

Face it: eventually you'll have to support and test in environments other than Slackware 9, Perl 5.8, and MySQL 4.1.

Test Noir centralizes test results from all your environments.

Access all your projects' results

Hack on multiple projects? Who doesn't. Whether for work or your moonlight startup, access all your projects' test results in one place.

Test Together

You're not alone on an island without Internet because you're reading this. You're also not the only programmer testing software, reviewing the results, and fixing any failures.

Test Noir was conceived and created by programmers for programmer like you. We're dedicated to making testing easier.